Our logo is clean, direct, and meaningful. Our vision statement, “Expect More” is used as a main element with our logo because with Code and our products you can always expect more–more decoding power, speed, intelligence, creativity, support, and the list goes on. The guidelines below are what to follow to make sure the correct logo is being used depending on your application. The sizing rules and regulations are at bottom of page.

Expect More Logos 

This is our logo with the Expect More statement. Use the colored version on a white or light background, use the white version on a colored or dark background. The Expect More logo should be used with promoting our products or for marketing reasons.

Expect More Colored Logo – Horizontal

Expect More Colored Logo – Vertical

Expect More White Logo – Horizontal

Expect More White Logo – Vertical

Code Logo

Standard Partner Logo

This is our logo without the Expect More statement. Use this logo when referencing us as a partner of yours.

Use the colored version when placing on a white or light background, the white version on a colored or dark background, and the black version on a white or light background.

*Only use the black logo when printing in black and white or for design purposes where you don’t want colored logos

Colored Logo

White Logo

Black Logo

CodeSpot Logo

Use the CodeSpot logo when referencing our partner portal. Our portal is used for partner communication and resources.

CodeSpot Logo

Social Logo

Use this logo for social media purposes.

Social Media Logo

Rules and Regulations


For all versions of the logo: Leave at least 1/2 an inch of padding around all sides.


  1. Don’t squish or stretch the logo.

  1. Don’t put any version of the logo on a picture/cluttered background.

  1. Don’t add any shadows.