Our personality is a direct representation of our corporate can-do culture. One part creative, two parts genius, one part fun, and just the right amount of attitude. You see, it is only this exact mix of ingredients that embodies our team’s spirit and propels everyone to rally behind a brand that puts customers first–every time. It is this commitment to our customers and partners to deliver real solutions with flare, embrace our character and redefine the norm that is so refreshingly honest.

We ensure that these traits are realized in all of our customer-facing marketing communications and content.


Code’s goal is to always be a trusted manufacturer of barcode scanners. We are proud of our amazing data capture solutions, and are committed to creating the best tech on the market. We want to be a company that our customers and partners can always depend on. Our marketing collateral needs to showcase that commitment.


Innovation and technology are the keys to [insert your favorite expensive sportscar here]. The attention to the interior craftsmanship and exterior body work are only just the beginning. It is always the speed and performance during the test drive that seals the deal. You know I am actually describing all the amazing sexy features we love about Code scanners, right? Code’s barcode scanning tech is industry innovating and our brand should constantly embody that. Don’t be afraid to let your creative juices flow!


Being genuine in everything we do is how to become the company that partners and customers turn to when looking for barcode scanning solutions. Our marketing materials need to be well thought out, honest, real, and trustworthy.


It is important to not take ourselves too seriously. We know learning about barcode scanners isn’t the sexiest subject, but decoding algorithms and data capture have really taken center stage. With that being said, we take a lighter conversational approach – explaining our products with a sense of authority, realism, and a side of humor – making it far more interesting and fun for the reader. Work is hard, but it can also be fun.


Our strength comes from being a company that focuses completely on barcode scanning and the technology behind it. We don’t suffer from a fractured personality that needs to divide its focus on other product lines or line extensions (like our competitors). As a brand, we want to embody the same beauty, solid strength and consistency our products deliver. We not only handle every obstacle thrown at us, we turn those obstacles into stepping stones for successful business growth.

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