When it comes to barcode scanning and the best data-capture technology available,
there is only Code.

Our customers enjoy the ability to read barcodes that others simply can’t. The innovative features and customization that our purpose-built readers possess deliver real results. It is actually that simple. Everyone loves Code because Code does exactly what we say it can do. Our confident voice comes from Code’s unique bundle of decoding algorithms embedded in each scan engine, delivering true enterprise-grade data capture solutions that just outperform all others on the market.

As a result, our brand embodies the most ingenious and innovative engineering talent. Our decades of specialized expertise, passion, and unending drive propel every new feature, innovation, strategy, and success. At Code, we believe in the amazing products and services our teams create. When you are in the “customer” business you pay attention to every detail, from concept creation to sales to customer service–Code continuously stands above all others with our unique ability to exceed expectations every step of the way.

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