The Code writing style is a commitment to our brand personality. We want to showcase our authority in the data-capture space all while keeping things real, customer focused, lighthearted and fun. In writing content about barcode scanning, we strive to keep our readers engaged and interested with a heaping helping of resolution.

Sales and marketing teams are unknowingly obsessed with selling from their perspective. Messages are always filled with we, our, us, and I–overly product and company-centric. At Code, we focus on a customer-centric writing style. We always want to speak to how our solutions will help the user and solve their problems.

Our audience wants to know why they should choose our solutions and the only way to break through the noise from constant advertising pitches on every channel today is to prove it by addressing their individual motivation. Identify the problem your customers have within their workflows, and solve it with one or many of the Code data-capture features. Remember, always give solid, trusted examples and your customers with thank you, and so will we!